Esteemed barristers 2TG were looking for a way to firstly define, then communicate their values to their audience in a memorable manner. After undertaking a series of internal and client engagement exercises to ascertain key strengths and values we were able to understand why people instruct the set.

One of the key findings was that 2TG were seen by clients as being a lot more approachable than may sets. Indeed they were considered to be different to traditional perception of some barristers as being stuffy and aloof. It was also felt that they have the ability to understand problems, get to the bottom of them and see things a bit differently to traditional sets.

We set about creating a piece that would look unlike anything any other Chambers had produced. With this in mind we developed a concept that considered how 2TG, their barristers and clerks tend to have a different view to other sets. We designed a series of optical illusion graphics that provided both a talking point and a visual narrative. In addition to this we distilled key values and got rid of the masses of text that can blight the legal sector.

The end result is a visually appealing, message based piece that enables 2TG to stand out in the increasingly competitive legal landscape.