Ashfords LLP


Ashfords LLP is a national commercial law firm. Its strategic aim is to provide the highest quality and depth of legal expertise and to support its clients through a range of complimentary business products and services. We were commissioned to develop a microsite for a new business arm they were launching, namely that of a dedicated patent and IP practice.

From our extensive work within the legal sector we are only too aware that one of the bugbears of clients is the reliance the sector sometimes has on endless copy. With this in mind we designed a site that would have a minimalist, pared back look and feel. By combining both abstract and product imagery we were able ensure that the imagery built on the idea that patent services are largely unknown or realised until the product is brought to the market- the hard work being done by the firm prior to us, the end user every coming into contact with the item in question. We were careful to work within the existing Ashfords brand guidelines to ensure the new site didn’t look at odds with the firms coherent brand values, but wanted to push the look onwards to reflect the type of businesses that would need these specialised legal services.