Cornerstone Barristers


We designed a stand-out marketing piece that would promote this Gray’s Inn set’s Licensing practice area. As with many pieces produced in the legal sector previous incarnations had been wordy and forgettable. We studied the market and saw an over reliance on a mass of legalese and high word counts.

We wanted to turn the traditional approach on its head. We had to consider who would instruct a licensing barrister and then consider a conceptual hook that would resonate with them, not baffle them with jargon.

We took the concept of the old Tommy Cooper joke ‘a man walked into a bar’ and used it as a start point. However rather than finish the ‘joke’ with the traditional punchline we inserted a fresh punchline relating to an area of licensing law and an issue that affected it.

We wanted to keep the copy pithy and punchy. We  developed a series of bespoke illustrations that enable brand development of the distinctive ‘pink dot’ in the Cornerstone visual identity.

The piece was awarded Gold for ‘Best Corporate Brochure/ Promotional Literature’ at the Roses Creative Awards 2015.