Erskine Chambers


Erskine Chambers is recognised as being pre-eminent in company law and a leading set in associated fields including insolvency, financial services, commercial litigation and asset recovery. We were appointed to look at the visual identity, communications suite and website.

The previous visual identity lacked stand out. It used a standard typeface and could have been adopted by any other business thus causing a lack of distinct identity. The previous website did not work on tablet or phone. The navigation was somewhat clunky and the imagery used uninspired. There was lots of text but little that engaged with the audience or encouraged an expedient road to instruction.

We developed a unique visual identity and a vibrant colour palette to ensure stand out. We were careful to take into consideration the need to modernise without riding roughshod over the traditional strengths of the set and the naturally conservative nature of the profession.

We pared the site right back. We used striking imagery, moving away from the traditional, barristerial look and feel that blights so many sets.