H2 Yacht Design


H2 Yacht Design are one of the worlds leading Yacht companies. The last two years has seen them go from strength to strength. Along with clear recognition amongst their peer group the company had benefitted from a heightened media profile both in the UK and beyond. We were approached by H2 to redesign their corporate communications collateral.

H2 wanted a printed piece designing that would solidify their current market position while also reflecting their status as a leading designer of luxury yachts. To reflect product synergy we produced a memorable Lookbook  that would do the company and their bespoke end product justice. With this in mind we produced a 128 page case bound book. The finishing was subtle but memorable. The use of Fedrigonis Inspira Saggezza gave a beautiful waxy waterproof effect and feel. This was then combined with a special platinum deboss to conclude the project with a memorable end product.