Keating Chambers


Keating Chambers is a leading barristers set, considered the ‘go-to’ set for Construction and Engineering. Following a change in service leadership Jo and Co were approached to help Chambers understand why people instruct them and why they may go elsewhere. We were also asked to look at how Chambers was marketed both on and off line to identify any gaps that may exist.

To enable both ourselves and Chambers to understand the needs of members, staff and clients we were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive internal and client engagement programme.

The findings from the engagement programme were then collated and presented to Chambers along with a series of steps that we thought would help both Chambers and its members to develop. We were careful to ensure that all recommendations were grounded in the needs of the clients.

Feedback, both internally and externally informed us that the visual identity, online presence and marketing collateral needed a complete overhaul.

The brief was to tackle these issues and refresh the look, feel and tone of voice of Keating Chambers as part of a modernisation process.