Langleys commissioned us to develop a stand out campaign that would set them apart from other corporate law firms.

Although based in York and Lincoln, Langleys are a national firm so did not want anything that would either regionalise them nor alienate their local clientele. They also wanted us to create something that would avoid featuring over-used images of men in suits, handshakes and scales of justice.

Using the firms key values; Quality, Commitment, Mutual Respect and Partnership, we paired each value to an image of an animal that is also attributed to that value. For example, a dog provokes thoughts of a committed relationship, a thoroughbred horse is a quality animal, a school of fish work in partnership as they are safer in numbers, and lastly the dolphin is an animal that like humans love, grieve and have mutual respect for one another.

The result is a stunning photographic campaign consisting of four separate hoardings, that provide a talking point at York Railway Station.