LUSSO is a hair and beauty salon in Wilmslow. It’s a new-concept, super-contemporary salon that offers not only exquisite hair styling, but also a range of high-end treatments, therapies and more, all in luxurious five-star surroundings.

Service and attention to detail are engrained at LUSSO. The salon prides itself on ensuring clients feel pampered and special, with a team of highly skilled stylists and therapists, who are completely familiar with all the very latest trends and techniques.

Jo and Co were commissioned to bring this concept to life. To truly harness the ethos of LUSSO, we styled, photographed and art directed an unconventional beauty shoot. Using the models face as a canvas and gold as our medium, we foiled, painted and drew to capture and exemplify the essence of beauty. The result is a story made of powerful imagery which illustrates the juxtaposition of natural beauty against the opulent, metallic texture of gold. These images have become the heart of our campaign, used across the on and offline material.

Underpinning our approach was a creative idea that ‘beauty lies within’. We wanted to take the client on a visual journey that reflected the LUSSO experience.

We designed a comprehensive marketing suite including rate cards, a brochure, VIP loyalty cards, price lists, and a wide range of promotional items. In addition to this we designed a fully responsive website, environmental graphics and signage. Finally the images were produced as a series of limited edition prints for purchase in the salon. These were screen printed in Barcelona onto black Colorplan with a contrasting gold spot colour.