Merseyside Police


Merseyside Police commissioned Studio Jo and Co to develop a creative positioning to enable them to engage with the public and in particular the young of Merseyside. In collaboration with the force we decided to move away from the traditional ‘Cop Shop’ theme that had failed to resonate with the populace and concentrated on an interesting aspect of policing- in this case the uniform.

We used this theme as an opportunity to showcase the history and development of Merseyside Police by demonstrating visually how their uniform has developed and changed over the years in line with how the role of policing has also evolved.

The project was launched in ‘pop-up-shop’ from a retail unit in the Met Quarter. The theme of the exhibition was ‘The Fashion Police’. Rather than use traditional exhibition stands we used clothes hangers upon which to hang information boards which gave historical touchpoints for the visitor. Also in keeping with the clothing theme we produced oversize clothes tags to showcase the history of the uniform.

Hand stitched typography was created and applied sparingly throughout to give the exhibition a ‘tailored’ theme, which gave a nod to the other units in the Quarter and was really well received by the public. We also produced a cost effective Newsprint handout that detailed some of the information from the exhibition that visitors could take away.

Rather than shy away from some of the possible historically negative connotations of policing in the region, we tackled these themes head on. We used the exhibition as an opportunity to acknowledge previous issues, show that there was a top-down awareness of them and outline ways in which the force was overcoming them and changing for the better.

The entire project, which was produced on a limited budget was delivered from concept to completion in 6 weeks.