Pilotage are a wealth management company based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company had never previously taken their offer to market before. The vast majority of their work was via referral and family legacy. With this in mind we wanted to ensure that their core values and commercial advantages were communicated to their new audience with clarity and transparency.

Pilotage refers to the act of ‘piloting’ which in itself is the process of directing the movement of a ship or aircraft by visual or electronic observations of recognisable landmarks. Pilotage help high net-worth individuals to navigate their way through the financial minefield of life. Our creative solution was to show graphic examples of such piloting, set against clearly identifiable landmarks. We kept the text pithy and punchy realising that the target audience were likely to be cash rich but time poor.

The piece was used to promote Pilotage across the USA and has helped the company increase profile, presence and position in the crowded financial management space.